Wild Ones Club:
Animal Enrichment Program

The Cayuga Nature Center is grateful for community support that helps us care for and enrich the lives of our Animal Ambassadors. Our animals help to provide public education for visitors, schools, and groups of all ages. Wild Ones Club is a program that helps to cover the cost of food, supplies, toys and interactive habitat components, and other animal-related expenses.

Wild Ones Club has several different levels to meet the needs of our community. Whether you’re an individual or a school group, club members will receive various benefits as a thank-you for supporting our Animal Ambassadors. We invite you to join the club today!

Wild Ones Club logo

Benefits Sidekick
$500 (Groups)
Welcome Letter X X X X X X
Certificate X X X X X X
Nature Center Bumper Sticker X X X X X
Nature Center T-Shirt X X X
PRI Newsletter Subscription X X X X X X
Plush Animal X X X
Behind the Scene Animal Encounter
(in-person or digital)
Animal Program (30 min)
(in-person or digital)
PRI Membership Science & Nature Science & Nature

Our Amazon Wish List

The Nature Center has an Amazon Wish List, which includes unique items that are animal-specific and can be purchased directly. Common wish list items include toys, treats, and education tools used during Live Animal Programming. Purchasing an item on our wish list will directly impact our animals as an in-kind donation.

Please consider making an order, in support of the Paleontological Research Institution. Visit our Amazon Wish List page for a full list of wanted items.