TEAM Challenge Course Elements

Low Elements

Whale Watch

The Whale Watch is a large teeter totter. The object of this element is to balance the whale watch with an entire group. Groups will have to work together by communicating and working in sync to complete the task.

Spider Web

A giant spider web that hangs between two trees will require participants to get through each hole and safely to the opposing side. The element will challenge planning tactics and trust within the group.

Nitro Crossing

The group must traverse a 10-15 foot span onto a platform using only a rope for assistance. The group must figure out how to retrieve the rope, which dangles in the middle of the open space, get the entire group to the platform, and carry a bottle of medicine(water) to the "injured victim" that is trapped on the other side.

Wild Woosy

Wild Woosy is an element challenging the trust, cooperation, and coordination between two individuals. With spotters on either side the two will travel as far as possible on two diverging tightropes, using only each other for support.How well the pair works together will determine how far they go.


Without using any aides, the group must get from the ground to the other side of a 10-foot wall. Once a participant has reached the other side he may no longer help the other group members. The wall will test the dynamics of the group and will push them to cooperate and trust one another.

High Elements

Bosun's Chairs

Participants will climb up one tree and traverse to a tree twenty feet away by hopping from one bosun's chair to the next.

Flying Squirrel

The group will work together as a belay team to hoist an individual far off the ground, sending them flying through the treetops.

Leap of Faith

Participants will climb to a platform 30 feet off the ground. While attached to a chest harness and belay system the participant will take a giant leap into the air and attempt to hit a ball suspended above them. Fears will be overcome for many participants through this element.

Tension Traverse

Each participant must climb up one tree and cross a horizontal foot cable, using only a piece of multiline to aide their way.