The PRI collections include between 2 and 3 million specimens, making them among the 10 largest in the United States. Most of the collections consist of invertebrate fossils (representing almost every major group of organisms from around the world over the past 2 billion years), with major strengths in Cenozoic marine mollusks of the Western Hemisphere, Paleozoic marine invertebrates of New York State, and Cenozoic benthic foraminifera of the U.S. Coastal Plains and Caribbean. The collection also includes significant collections of Recent mollusks; Triassic-Jurassic vertebrates of the Newark Series (Connecticut Valley and adjacent areas); fossil plants; Pleistocene vertebrates of New York State (especially mastodons); and fossil fishes. PRI houses all non-botanical fossils and Recent mollusks formerly at Cornell University. PRI's collection of Type and Figured specimens (also one of the nation's 10 largest) includes more than 15,000 specimens, and is available online. Over the past decade, PRI has also acquired major collections from other institutions, including Syracuse University, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Buffalo, University of Rochester, Alfred University, Wells College, and Tulane University.