Children become food, fossils, and paleontologists in Did Dinosaurs Poop?, an exciting new exhibition available February 2013. Designed for an audience of families with children ages 4 to 10, this exhibition presents a fun, colorful approach to learning about fossils and dino diets long ago.

Visitors will take a digestion journey, traveling as dinosaur “food” from tooth to tush, and will discover how poop can become a fossil. They will also take on the role of paleontologist to uncover fossils at a “dig site,” examine them, and figure out where - and when! - they came from. Through bright graphics, hands-on interactives, touchable fossil casts, and purposeful play, visitors will:

• see how stones, bones, and teeth tell us about dino diet
• understand the process of fossilization
• begin to reconstruct past ecological webs
• become scientists themselves, discovering how to learn from the amazing fossil record!

This traveling exhibit was created by the Museum of the Earth.

Download the Did Dinosaurs Poop? Exhibit Fact Sheet

Participation Fee $8500 for a 10 - 12 week booking period.
Size 1500 square feet (flexible). Ceiling height 8 ft.
Shipping Venue pays inbound shipping.
Tour Begins February 2013