Explore the science behind maize and why for thousands of years it's been one of the most significant crops to humankind--and why it continues to surprise us.

What is maize? Why is it important? How has it changed? Visitors will learnt he answers to these questions, and also explore some of the newest discoveries in modern science through maize. They will learn about the genetic research that helps scientists to better understand the evolution of this crop and how that knowledge can improve everyday life, at both a local and global level.

This traveling exhibit was created by the Museum of the Earth and the Genetic Architecture of Maize and Teosinte Project, funded by the National Science Foundation.

Download the Maize: Mysteries of an Ancient Grain Exhibit Fact Sheet

Content One 48”x48” title panel. Two double-sided fabric panels in an “S” shape, 15 ft. long. Four interactive modules, 24”x48”x42”. Ten wall mounted panels, 18”x24”. Two hanging vinyl banners, 90”x96”. Corn varieties and corn-based products to fill two cases.
Participation Free Rental fee and shipping are generously supported by the National Science Foundation. Call for details.
Size About 1000 sq. ft.; 8 ft. ceiling clearance
Crates 11 crates on one 24 ft. trailer
Tour Begins August 2011