PRI staff mentor and supervise both graduate and undergraduate students working on paleontological research. Our undergraduates come from Cornell University and a variety of other institutions and our current graduate students are PhD. students at Cornell University.

Graduate Students

Brendan M. Anderson

Ph.D. student, Cornell University
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Brendan’s primary research interest is the evolution of gastropod shell morphology in the family Turritellidae, especially uncoiling. He is interested in applying genetic, geochemical, and paleoecological techniques to a variety of paleobiological questions. More information on Brendan’s research can be found here.

Jansen Smith

PhD. student, Cornell University,
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Jansen is interested in species interactions in the recent past and fossil record. Records of life in the past can tell us about the state of nature before human impacts and how life existed previously can inform conservation and restoration efforts by providing historical and baseline data. His overarching research interest is in applying paleontological data and approaches to achieve whole ecosystem restoration and conservation.